TOMLOV DM201 Max 7" LCD Digital Microscope - High-Resolution Science Lab Instrument

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Explore the microscopic world with the TOMLOV DM201 Max, featuring a 7 inch HD IPS display for crystal-clear viewing and a 178° wide-angle for shared experiences. Ideal for educational and professional use, its lightweight design and vivid screen make it a top choice for enthusiasts and researchers alike.

*Could take a picture of a whole 1 dollar silver coin and still be able to zoom in to get pictures of close up.

  • 【 Why does the new Tomlov DM201 Max utilize Sony IMX CMOS sensor ? 】- Based on the pain points of similar products "Poor image quality", Tomlov adopts better Sony IMX sensor. The new image sensor faithfully reproduces textures and details in real time via extra high-speed processing capabilities delivering true-to-life images - as seen by the naked eye. It enables greater natural detail, richer tonal gradations, lower noise and more realistic images whether you shoot stills or video. It has much image improvements from 16MP to 25MP. You can observe and save clearly details and various subtle movements amazing micro world.
  • 【 How can you benifit from the advanced HD IPS screen ? 】-Tomlov DM201 Max digital microscope adopts a premium HD IPS screen, allowing you to enjoy vivid and saturated colors. A full 178° visual angle realizes quality viewing when you share the screen with your family or friends. Even with a long-time experience, the 7 inch digital microscope ensures no ghosting, stuttering or tearing, which effectively protects your eyes.
  • 【 Yes, the new Tomlov DM201 Max HDMI digital microscope comes with smart Transmitted LED light stage 】 - Except for the LED built-in the camera and 2 side lights, DM201 Max microscope camera utilized the professional bottom LED light, which provides cool, dimmable transmitted light from below the stage for transparent slide specimens. UP to 10 pcs prepared slides included too, which allows the little scientists to begin exploring the world at once.
  • 【 Yes, now you can record sound during inspection 】Upgraded the built-in microphone. This LCD digital microscope is the first microscope which enables professional audio capture for videos. Now you can enjoy clear and reliable audio on recorded videos. More than a microscope, it can take 1080P video with high-quality audio and 25MP photo. Perfect for those who want to record beautiful moments.
  • Dual HDMI & USB Output for Larger View - Equipped with a USB and mini HDMI port, DM201 Max lab handheld digital microscope can get connected with any HD monitor and computer. Plug and play, simply hooking up to your laptops /computers / TV / HD monitor / projector, your vision will be extended both on digital microscope screen and TV or computer, refresing your experience of work and study. No driver needed with the computer with the camera App already installed on Windows 10 / Photo Booth for iMac / MacBook.
  • Taller 10 inch Stand, See Entire Coins Easily- This new microscope with hdmi output comes with a longer 10” stand post, so the max distance between lens and base is extended up to 6.3 inch (double distance comparing with other models). Without installing any extension tube, the entire coin (dime,penny,nickel,quarter,dollar,even the large silver dollar) can be captured in the microscope easily. The thoughtful design also helps get larger working space when soldering PCB boards Wide.
  • 2-1300X Zoom - Allows you to zoom in and see the tiniest details atmagnification range from 2X to 1300X in a full lighted view It's quite easy to zoom in and focus, just raise or lower the holder and rotate the knob of the digital microscope with screen Height & Angle.
  • Adjustable, Boost productivity by 50% - With an advanced ergonomic design featuring height adjust, swivel and tilt, you can easily adjust the 7 inch coin microscope with lights to get just the right viewing angle. Get more done with less strain,offer greater user comfort during long periods of use.
  • Convenient Remote Control - Not only the remote controltake photos or videos, but also can zoom in, zoom out, adjust image brightness, contrast, set cross line and rotate image quickly. No need to touch the display of the soldering microscope, perfectly avoids the screen shaking. It is also very suitable for presentations with multiple people.
  • Suitable for Various Microscopy Requirements - Tomlov Microscopes can be widely used in circuit board inspection, coins, jewelry, gems, trichomes, rocks and stamps, clocks/clock repairs, skin inspections, children's education inspections, textiles Industrial, QC inspection , and can also be used for children's learning exploration, observing flowers, coins, etc. This wonderful gift opens the door to the micro world and satisfies children's curiosity.

Perfect for

Repair Technicians

Expanded Workspace

Accurate PCB Crosshairs

Pinpoint Circuit Board Alignment

Smoke-Resistant Clarity

Unveiling Clear Vision and Lens Protection with UV Filter

Soldering Capture Remote

See More, Do More

Professional Bottom LED Light

Fingertip Illumination

Effortlessly Control Illumination with A Touch

Illuminating All Detail

Enhance Visibility for Detailed Examination and Analysis

Gooseneck Illumination

Flexible for Versatile and Adjustable Lighting

Simultaneous HDMI & USB Output