TOMLOV DM601 Triple Lens HDMI Digital Microscope 7 inch

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  • *Could take a picture of a whole 1 dollar silver coin and still be able to zoom in to get pictures of close up.
  • 【 The First triple Lens Digital Microscope-See more !】 The DM601 is the first digital microscope with triple lens from Tomlov, which features lens A for error coins inspection , lens L for micro soldering and lens D for biological silde observation. Tri-camera with different focal range provides wider field of view and clearer images, helps survey from different angles
  • 【 Basic Coin Lens A - Inspect Coins from Details to Full View 】Tomlov DM601 coin microscope for error coins can capture a coin in full. Upgraded with lens A and longer 10 inch stand, it's easy to get the entire coin view of dime, penny, nickel, quarter, dollar, even the large silver dollar
  • 【 Enhanced Soldering Lens L - View PCB Board with Larger Working Range 】Lens L has a long focal length (3.5"-7.5") , enables users to perform work or manipulate large items, including circuit boards or other SMD soldering work .This soldering microscope camera has widefield of view and extremely large working distance- no worries of crashing your soldering iron or tools into the scope
  • 【 Special Biological Lens D -Observe Sildes with Great Details 】Equipped with biological Lens D, bottom transmitted light and prepared slides, Tomlov lcd digital microscope is designed to help students/kids/adults/beginner/amateur scientist/hobbyists exploring the fantastic world of the life. It is ideal for school, laboratory or home teaching, one-on-one instruction
  • 【Upgraded 2K Video Microscope 】Utilizes an UHD sensor, Tomlov DM601 LCD digital microscope with lights boasts more incredibly 2K ultra clear video and captures 24MP vibrant color still images than the 1080P/12MP on the market. With 2K resolution, you can observe and save clearly details and various subtle movements amazing micro world
  • 【Upgraded 7" IPS Premium Screen 】 Tomlov digital microscope adopts IPS screen, allowing you to enjoy vivid and saturated colors. A full 178° visual angle realizes quality viewing when you share the screen with your family or friends
  • 【Extend Your Vision on 2 Screens 】 Equipped with USB and Mini HDMI port , DM601 digital HDMI microscope can get connected with any HD monitor and computer. Plug and play , simply hooking up to your laptops /computers / TV / HD monitor / projector, your vision will be extended much more. No driver needed with the computer with the camera App already installed on Windows 10 / Photo Booth for iMac / MacBook
  • 【 Wide 2-1500X Zoom 】Allows you to zoom in and see the tiniest details at magnification range from 2X to 1200X in a full lighted view. It's quite easy to zoom in and focus, just raise or lower the holder and rotate the knob of the digital microscope with screen
  • 【 Expand and Store Big-64GB Card included】 Equipped with 64GB micro SD memory card, this Tomlov usb microscope allows you to record high-quality footage on your digital microscope, store it, and transfer it between devices. Perfect for those who want to record beautiful moments
  • 【 Suitable for Various Microscopy Requirements】 - Tomlov DM601 Microscope can be widely used in circuit board inspection, coins, jewelry, gems, trichomes, rocks and stamps, clocks/clock repairs, skin inspections, children's education inspections, textiles Industrial, QC inspection , and also be used for children's learning exploration, observing flowers, coins, etc. This wonderful gift opens the door to the micro world and satisfies children's curiosity

Surprise you with the ultimate visual experience

Tomlov DM601 HDMI digital microscope boasts more incredibly 2K ultra clear video and captures 24MP vibrant color still images than the 1080P/12MP on the market.
64GB Fast Read Write Speed Flash Memory Card Included-supports high-resolution photos taking and 2K videos recording.

Delivers extroditionary image from 178° viewing angle

Wide viewing angles: IPS displays have a wide viewing angle of up to 178 degrees, ensuring that image quality and color remain consistent no matter what angle you view it from.
Accurate colors: IDM601 have high color accuracy and can reproduce true-to-life colors and color details, making it ideal for color-critical tasks such as design and image processing.
High contrast: DM601 can provide high-contrast images, with black and white colors appearing very sharp, making image details more clear.

How you can benifit from Tomlov DM601 triple lens digital microscope ?

Explore the Microscopic World : Discover a new world with our 1500x digital microscope.

Easy to Use : Our microscope is easy to set up and comes with software for capturing photos and videos.

High-Quality Imaging: DM601 features a high-quality image sensor and LED lights for clear, detailed imaging.

Create a world of scientific discovery for kids and adults

Easy to Use, Fun to Learn: Our microscope is so easy to use, even kids can get in on the fun. Just plug it in and start exploring!

Zoom into the Micro World: With Tomlov microscope, you can explore the amazing world of tiny things up close and personal. Get ready to discover a whole new universe!