TOMLOV DM4 Coin Microscope, 4.3" LCD digital microscope

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  • Tomlov microscope with 720P HD digital imaging, the 4.3 Inch LCD screen displays real-time crisp images and good quality videos in full lighted view with 8 LED fill lights.
  • TOMLOV DM4 allows you to zoom in and see the incredible details of observations at a magnification range from 50X to 1000X. The actual magnification differs due to the screen size, and the distance between the camera and the observations.
  • Supports Windows connection so you can observe on a larger scale. No extra software download is needed, just run the default Apps "Windows Camera" for Windows 10. Does NOT compatible with Mac OS.
  • The coin magnifier with light have built-in 8 adjustable LED lights that can adjust the brightness from dark to bright by sliding the switch, allowing you full control of the brightness to view the microscopic world with proper lighting.
  • Easy to assemble, focus and view tiny details. A versatile LCD digital microscope was built to inspect coins, circuit boards, plants, inserts, jewelry, stamps, etc. Ideal learning tool for adults, science-minded students, and kids.
  • Utilizes aluminum alloy to build the base, stand, and holder, this coin microscope offers long-term use and allows doing micro soldering or repairing printed circuit boards.

Q: How do I know the magnification when observing?

A: 1. Raise the holder to the top. Scroll the magnification wheel till you see the most clear view on the screen. The view you see now is close to 50X magnification.

2. Lower the holder to the middle of the stand. Scroll the magnification wheel till you see the most clear view on the screen. The view you see now is close to 1000X magnification.

Note: The actual magnification responds to the screen size, the distance between camera and objective.

You can see the partial coin instead of full view as the initiate magnification is about 50X.

Introducing TOMLOV DM4 Digital Microscope

More Than A Microscope

Built for adults and kids, this LCD microscope is an ideal learning tool for observing coins, stamps, stones, plants and tiny living creatures, bringing tons of fun and great time sharing all these new found knowledge with your friends and families.

  • 50X-1000X Magnification
  • 4.3'' LCD Screen
  • 720P HD Digital Imaging
  • Includes 32GB Micro SD Card
  • Image Capturing And Video Recording
  • Solid Metal Stand
  • Support Windows PC Connection
  • Item Dimensions: 8.58 x 6.97 x 3.35 inches Item Weight: 0.76 pounds

Large Scale to View Details

The LCD screen displays real time clear details in a full lighted view with 720P HD digital imaging.

More Than A Microscope

Built in video and photo modes allow users to snap good quality photos and record videos of the tiniest details.

Tips: Press the "menu" button for 3 seconds to switch "video", "photo" and "file" mode.

Ideal For Coin Collector

Take your coin collector interest to a new level of excitement. No more struggling to use a magnifying glass or peer through a tiny jeweler loupe!

Note: The microscope offers partial(not entire) details of coins.

50X - 1000X Magnification

Easy to zoom right in and out and focus by adjusting the knob to view the incredible details at a magnification range from 50X to 1000X.

Raise or lower the microscope to adjust the distance between camera and objective. Larger view with microscope on the top, better details at the bottom.

Ideal For Outdoor Exploring

This portable microscope includes a 2000mAh battery, can be used without holder. It's perfect for observing little living things outside.

Supporting power bank charging makes outdoor exploring much easier.

PC-Microscope Connection

Connect the microscope to your Windows computer to view tiny details in larger scale.

This function allows you to snap real time images and record video on your computer.

Note: iMac/MacBook not compatible.

8 LED Fill Lights

You can be fully in control of the brightness to view the microscopic world with proper lighting.

Easy To Assemble & Solid Built

Easy to put it together and zoom in and out and focus.

The base and holder are made of aluminum, the construction of which is compact and durable. You can repair electronics and do micro soldering on the base without worries.

Amazing Gift For Kids

Thanks to the impressive performance, this microscope is an ideal present for children and teenagers, capable of activating their interests and enthusiasm towards science, enhancing the interactivity between parents and kids.

Lots of fun hours at home.