TOMLOV DM4S Microscope 1000X 4.3" LCD Digital Microscope

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This LCD microscope is easy-to-use and powerful enough for any teen & adult who shows mild interest in science/engineering. Also used as a ideal tool providing great details for coin collectors , micro soldering or repairing printed circuit board

4.3 Inch Liquid Crystal Display- The LCD screen displays real-time crisp image and good quality videos with NO lag or delay.

Additional Adjustable LED Illumination - Apart from 8 built-in lights around the lens, the two base lights is flexible enough to change the direction, avoiding reflects and making it much more visible on the screen

50-1000X Magnification - Allows to zoom in and see the incredible details at a magnification range from 50 to 1000X. The actual magnification differs due to the screen size, the distance between camera and object

Allows Taking Photos And Recording Videos with Included 32GB SD Card.

Microscope-PC View - Supports connecting to computer so you can observe in larger scale. No extra software download needed, just run the default APPs "Windows Camera" for Windows system. Does NOT compatible with Mac OS

Solid Metal Frame Construction - Utilizing aluminum alloy to build the base, stand and holder.

Introducing TOMLOV DM4S Digital Microscope

More Than A Microscope

Specially equipped with two additional LED side lights, this updated LCD digital microscope is great for kids and adults observing error coins, plants, hair, PCB and more.

Discovering amazing and interesting micro world is much easier than ever before.

  • 50X-1000X Magnification
  • 4.3'' LCD Screen
  • LED Side lights and Lens illumination
  • 720P HD Digital Imaging
  • Image Capturing And Video Recording
  • Metal Structured
  • PC Connection for Larger View

4.3'' Liquid Crystal Display

With built-in 720P digital imaging, the 4.3'' LCD screen is capable of creating crisp real-time images and videos.

Large screen brings much more details, enhancing ergonomics and eliminating eye and neck strain comparing with eyepiece.

50X - 1000X Magnification

Easy to zoom right in and out and focus by adjusting the knob to view the incredible details at a magnification range from 50X to 1000X.

Raise or lower the microscope to adjust the distance between camera and objective. Larger view with microscope on the top, better details at the bottom.

Adjustable LED Fill lights

Apart from the 8 LED lights surrounding the lens, there are additional side lights which is flexible enough to change the direction and brightness, ready to create better viewing environment.

Snap Images and Record Videos

Built in video and photo modes allow you to snap good quality photos and record videos of the tiniest details.

Explore, Learn, Create

Designed to encourage a curiosity and a strive to learn more by exploring the micro world, this microscope is ideal for any teen who shows mild interest in science.

Also Great for Adults

With the powerful camera sensor, practical functions and metal construction, this microscope is also ideal for adults, repairing electronics, soldering PCB and doing experiments.

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