TOMLOV DM602 Flex 2024 Digital Microscope, 10.1" HDMI Flexible Arm Soldering Scope

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  • 【Flexible Boom Arm 2024】The DM602 flex digital soldering microscope is designed for people who do not have a clutter-free desk, helping people to upgrade workspace. People like the full flexible movement and ample space. However, we've heard some voices saying the arm isn't stable enough. We listened, innovated, and improved. A sturdy-built arm, AM04, is born.
  • 【What Haved We Upgarded to Make AM04 Stable?】Upgraded from a split design to a unified one, which features a more stable structure. A larger base and longer coupler nut also enhances the stability. By retaining the single-handed adjustment capability, people can quickly adjust positions in just 1 second, ensuring convenience and ease of use. Simple yet effective arm for microscope for soldering.
  • 【Versatile Interchangeable Triple Lenses】 The digital microscope 3 lenses offer a different range of magnification. The larger working distance lens L is suitable for soldering projects with tweezers, a soldering iron, etc. Lens A allows you to explore every nook and cranny of a coin without missing any dust. Examining the entire coin is also well within reach. High-magnification lens D is designed for observing nature-related subjects such as microorganisms, ants, and plants.
  • 【Get You Right Into The Details】The powerful magnification that works best close to the object you are viewing. Amazing detail and extremely clear. Whether you're into coin collecting, watch repair, or PCB soldering tasks, this microscope has you covered. It even includes microscope slides, making it suitable for slice observation and perfect for young explorers eager to delve into the microscopic world.
  • 【Enhance Your Vision with a Dazzling 144-LED Ring Light】Embark on a journey of unmatched clarity with the Tomlov DM602 Flex 2024 coin microscope with screen for error coins. Distinguishing itself from ordinary models, our microscope boasts an impressive 144-LED ring light, providing outstanding brightness and uniform illumination. Witness every intricate detail spring to life, empowering you to examine your subjects with unparalleled precision and clarity.
  • 【Immersive Visual Experience on a 10.1-inch IPS Display】Delve into unrivaled clarity and visual immersion through the expansive 10.1-inch IPS screen of this LCD digital microscope. Revel in crystal-clear images, dynamic colors, and a broad 178-degree viewing angle. Whether you're involved in research, leading a class, or collaborating with peers, the generous screen size guarantees an inclusive and engaging exploration of the microscopic realm for everyone involved.
  • 【Effortless Sharing through HDMI/Computer Connectivity】Experience seamless collaboration with this HDMI microscope. With its adaptable design featuring HDMI output and a USB interface, connecting to your Windows or Mac computer is a breeze. Perfect for classroom presentations, online learning sessions, or collaborative research, this functionality empowers you to delve into the microscopic realm and effortlessly share your remarkable discoveries.

What's in the box?

  • 1x Tomlov DM602 Flex 2024 10 inch HDMI Digital Soldering Microscope ;
  • 1x Lens A ; 1x Len L ; 1x Lens D
  • 1x 144 LEDs Ring Light;
  • 1x 4 inch Post;
  • 1x Soldering Mat