TOMLOV DM702 10.1" Digital Microscope

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  • 【10.1-inch IPS Screen】TOMLOV DM702 Coin microscope with screen llows for precise examination of coins, showcasing intricate details and textures with clarity. Its high resolution ensures fine details are visible, while accurate color reproduction aids in identifying mint marks and flaws. The wide viewing angles of IPS technology ensure consistent visibility from various positions, facilitating thorough inspection and appreciation of coinage.
  • 【View Entire One-Dollar Coins】A tall stand coin microscope for adults offers the advantage of showcasing the entire one-dollar coin(need to raise the monitor), simplifying the process of presenting its full details to others. Its elevated position provides a clear and unobstructed view, enabling seamless sharing and discussion of the coin's features and details with others.
  • 【Robust Magnification for Enhanced Clarity】A coin microscope 1300X unveils intricate details of coins and circuit boards, aiding in precise analysis and inspection. It reveals minute imperfections, enhancing numismatic evaluation and electronics troubleshooting. This level of magnification offers invaluable insights for collectors, technicians, and researchers, ensuring thorough examination and accurate assessment of both macroscopic and microscopic features.
  • 【11" Pro Stand, Make Soldering Easier】The digital soldering microscope tall stand provides ample space, accommodating soldering tools effortlessly. Micro-adjustment and 360° seamless rotation enhance precision, while the 7*9-inch large base caters to big circuit boards, ensuring easy soldering. With a 90° screen rotation conforming to ergonomic principles, making it an exceptional soldering platform for PCB electronics enthusiasts.
  • 【Effortless Capturing】The LCD microscope boasts a powerful 12MP camera and 1080P video recording, simplifying the documentation of discoveries during coin and circuit board inspections. This feature enables easy sharing and presentation of findings to others. Also, there's a remote for convenient picture-taking, eliminating the need to press on-screen buttons.
  • 【USB Connectivity for Expanded Image Display】The USB connectivity of the digital coin magnifiers to a computer enhances functionality, allowing for larger image outputs, easier editing, and hassle-free file uploads, optimizing usability and efficiency. There is a 32GB SD card already in the microscope. You can save images and record video.
  • 【Dimmable LED Lighting】The coin microscope with light features bright LEDs that effectively illuminate the working area. What's impressive is the adjustable brightness, preventing surface washout. With both top and bottom light sources, the top lights can be angled to provide oblique lighting, reducing specular reflections from the object.