Free Up Your Workspace: TOMLOV DM402 ARM Digital Microscope

Free Up Your Workspace: TOMLOV DM402 ARM Digital Microscope

Are you an electronics DIY enthusiast? Do you love exploring the microscopic world? Do you suffer from poor eyesight? If so, you must want a microscope and a larger workspace to explore your ideas and projects.

tomlov dm402 arm 10 inch digital microscope

Today, we solemnly introduce our new upgrade - TOMLOV DM402 ARM 10-inch LCD digital microscope. The key here is having a flexible boom stand! Your exploration, your way! It will revolutionize the way you observe the microscopic world.

Upgraded Flexible Arm Design
The DM402's swivel and tilt capabilities allow for effortless adjustment of the digital microscope, ensuring it can be positioned exactly as needed for any soldering task. Not only that but it also improves stability. This improvement means that no matter how large or small the sample you need to observe, the DM402 ARM offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

The fact that the arms do give you more space to store items and free up space on your desk is a real game changer.

Larger work area
If you need to move beyond what the original fixed platform allows in order to weld something on a variable size board, the DM402 ARM's cantilever stand is designed to easily adjust to the ideal position, giving you a spacious workspace. This means you can easily look at different angles and capture more detail without moving the sample.

Tip: To prevent it from wobbling, you can mount a boom to a stand so that hitting the table doesn't shake the scope. Or try a sturdier table that won't move when bumped - problem solved!

High-definition 10-inch display
Equipped with a 10-inch high-definition display, DM402 ARM provides unprecedented clarity of vision. Whether it's a large PCB board or SMD components, every detail will be vividly displayed.

User-friendly interface
We know that scientific exploration should not be hindered by complex operations. Therefore, DM402 has a specially designed intuitive user interface to ensure that every user can easily master it. it also can direct link to PC for easy editing.

The DM402 ARM is not only suitable for electronics, but its excellent image quality and ease of operation also make it an ideal choice for education, coin inspection, watch/clock repair, micro sculpting, rock & Insect, jewelry repair, hobby & craft, and even Metallurgy Archaeology.

Rich accessories
DM402 is equipped with interchangeable lenses and mountable light boxes, as well as accessories such as cables to connect to the TV, SD cards, right led light, soldering mat, remote controls, etc., enhancing the practicality and convenience of the device.



The Tomlov DM402 ARM digital microscope is a powerful tool that provides a new experience for your repair, DIY, scientific research, teaching and daily observation. Whether you are a professional scientific researcher or an ordinary person who is curious about anything, DM402 ARM will be your right-hand assistant and lead you to explore the unknown microscopic world!

Buy Tomlov DM402 Arm now and start your exploration journey!


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