TOMLOV DM602 Flex 10.1" HDMI Digital Soldering Microscope

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  • 【Flexible Positioning with Adjustable Arm】Equipped with a versatile arm, the Tomlov DM602 Flex digital microscope offers complete adjustability. It features a 360° base rotation for 135° horizontal extension, and a 180° arm shaft for vertical movement for precise observation positioning. With its foldable design, it can be conveniently stored to save space and easily pulled out for immediate use. Experience the ease and improved posture while welding
  • 【Illuminate Your View with Brilliant 144-LED Ring Light】Step into a world of unparalleled clarity with the Tomlov DM602 Flex LCD Digital microscope. Unlike ordinary models, our microscope features an impressive 144-LED ring light that delivers exceptional brightness and uniform illumination. Every intricate detail comes to life, enabling you to explore your subjects with unparalleled precision and clarity.
  • 【Enhanced with Heat-Resistant Silicone Soldering Mat】This digital microscope now includes a heat-resistant silicone soldering mat. Protect your work surface from temperatures up to 932°F (500℃). The large 13.8'' * 9.8'' mat offers ample space and features a functional design with a scale ruler, part boxes, magnetic areas, screw positions, and more. Enhance precision and organization with this innovative accessory. Elevate your soldering game with the DM602 Flex.
  • 【Unlock Boundless Discovery with Interchangeable Lenses】Experience a world of wonder with Tomlov digital microscope 2000x and its 3 interchangeable lenses. Zoom in on details using the L lens (60x-200x) for powerful magnification and optimal working distance. Explore the mesmerizing patterns of coins with the A lens (2x-700x), providing a full-view observation experience. Delve into the captivating microcosm with the D lens (1000x-2000x) for breathtaking magnification up to 2000x.
  • 【Immersive Viewing Experience with a 10.1-inch IPS Screen】Experience unparalleled clarity and visual immersion with the large 10.1-inch IPS screen of this digital soldering microscope. Enjoy stunningly clear images, vibrant colors, and a wide 178-degree viewing angle. Whether you're conducting research, teaching a class, or collaborating with others, the expansive screen ensures everyone can observe and engage with the microscopic world.
  • 【Seamless Sharing with HDMI/Computer Connectivity】Unlock the power of sharing with the Tomlov DM602 Flex HDMI microscope. Its versatile design includes HDMI output and a USB interface, allowing effortless connection to your Windows or Mac computer. Ideal for classroom demonstrations, remote learning, or collaborative research, this feature enables you to explore the microscopic world and share your remarkable findings with ease.
  • 【Capture & Share Wonders】Easily capture and save captivating discoveries with the one-button capture & video recording feature. The included 64GB storage card offers ample space for transferring and sharing remarkable images/videos. Whether you're a student, teacher, or enthusiast, the 10.1" microscope for electronic repair empowers you to capture and share the micro world's wonders. Ignite curiosity and spark conversations beyond the ordinary. Explore, capture, and inspire!
  • 【Effortless Control with Wireless Remote】Experience the convenience of wireless remote control with the Tomlov DM602 Flex coin microscope. Easily operate the microscope from a distance, adjusting image settings like discoloration and digital zoom with just a click. Perfect for educational demonstrations and various scenarios where remote control is desired. Explore and present with ease using this advanced feature.
  • 【Versatile Microscope for Adults and Kids】The Tomlov 3 lens microscope is the ultimate microscope kit for both adults and kids. With multiple lenses and accessories, it adapts to various applications like soldering, coin examination, and biology exploration. Unleash your curiosity and embark on a journey of discovery with this versatile microscope that caters to all age groups

Elevate your Soldering Game with Tomlov DM602 Flex

Benefits of a soldering mat for your work :

  1. Protection: It safeguards your work surface from high-temperature damage.
  2. Stability: It provides a stable platform, preventing slipping and shaking during soldering.
  3. Convenient Operation: You can directly solder on the mat, making the process more convenient.
  4. Functional Partition: It features compartments for organizing and classifying small components.