TOMLOV DM402 Arm Flexible 10" LCD Digital Microscope

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【Freely Movement Stable Arm】The swivel and tilt features makes it easy to position electronic microscope for soldering as desired. And allows people to position digital soldering microscope over any size circuit board at high elevation to allow plenty of room to work under it with a soldering iron at hand. It's very stable and does a great job of clearing up desk space.
【Space-saving Hero】This outstanding microscope for adults boasts a flexible arm that not only gets the job done but also maximizes desk space and enhances neck comfort. It's an indispensable asset for electronics repair. If you don’t have a clutter free desk, you will like it! Gets the job done, get more desk space, great for my neck!
【View Coins From Details To Whole】This arm gives you full control for positioning the coin microscope for error coins which you like. Outstanding get you right in on top of the coin see every nook and cranny that you need to see, or view entire coins(dime, penny, nickel, quarter, dollar, even the large silver dollar) easily.
【10-inch Large HD IPS Display】This digital microscope with screen provides you a broad field for viewing, high definition ensures clear image quality, big screen microscope is helping to identify SMD components, precision soldering, watch/clock repair, and coin observing, bring you a marvelous micro-world and fabulous viewing experience.
【Powerful Magnification】Soldering microscope station magnification levels are perfect for repairing PCBs and the physical clearance is more than enough to work with a soldering iron at hand. You can zoom all the way into the smallest components and even see the traces in the board. You have plenty of room for hot air and tweesers and still has the zoom capability to see everything very clearly. In addition, there is also x3 digital zoom for increasing zoom levels.
【Save Images And Videos With A 64GB Card】More than a microscope, this microscope camera is also well-positioned to record videos and capture photos with the included 64GB Micro-SD card where myriads of contents can be saved. You’re given a remote so you never have to press a button on the actual scope. Excellent value for somebody who wants to get good video or photos of biological samples.
【Hook Up To Computer For Easy Document】The LCD microscope features USB interface. You can connect to a laptop or other Windows/Mac computer to retrieve, edit and share the photos. Ideal for classroom demonstrations, online learning, or collaborative research, this feature enables you to explore the microscopic world and share your remarkable findings with ease.
【Brighten Your Vision With Enhanced Ring Light】Experience unparalleled clarity with our coin microscope with light featuring a powerful ring light with larger working range. Illuminate every detail for precise exploration, where brilliance meets precision.minimizing glare and shadows, providing a clearer and unobstructed view.
【Heat-Resistant Silicone Mat】Upgrade your micro soldering microscope with a heat-resistant silicone mat, shielding your workspace up to 932°F (500℃). The 13.8'' * 9.8'' mat offers ample room, featuring a scale ruler, part boxes, magnetic zones, screw positions, and more for enhanced precision and organization. Great to tidy and protect your desk!

TOMLOV DM402 Arm Brings A Whole New Meaning To Lets Take A Closer Look!

Level up your soldering game with the TOMLOV DM402 Arm soldering microscope for electronic repair.

Crisp Up Close Views

Outstanding get you right in on top of the coin see every nook and cranny that you need to see nice job.

Whether you're a novice, or professional, this will get the job done.

Nice bright LEDs illuminate large work area and reduce glare and shadows for a clearer view.

Hook it up to a laptop or other computer to retrieve, edit or share the photos with USB output.

The remote works perfectly to capture images without shaking the camera and you can do hands off adjustments.