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TM4K-AF Flex

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4K Boom Arm Microscope

DM602 Flex

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Verified Customer Reviews

Works beautifully!

This is a really great microscope for general and hobby use! I have had TOMLOV DM602 Pro 10.1" HDMI Digital Microscope since August and have used it a few time to take photos and video. I bought to use to take photos of two very different objects, coins and carnivorous plants. Great for closeups and full coin imaging. Connects easily via HDMI to televisions for greater magnification. Takes photos easily too!

This one is a winner!

Soldering was the main reason I purchase this but the additional "D" lens is such a great feature for exploring features of tiny insects and plants in great detail. I even found a parasite on the fruit fly specimen that came with the microscope. Yes it comes with several specimen of insects and plants, normal things that you'll see everyday but under a microscope it's a whole different level.


A must for anyone interested into insects. It is lightweight and portable. The internal rechargeable battery means you dont need power. It runs entirely on 5V USB. I can run this item for hours of a jump starter or battery bank. The 10 inch screen is perfect and the 25 MP camera provides great resolution. A little hint, get the macro lens! The picture shows the bee at 4x digital zoom. It goes all the way to 8x. You simply press the left or right arrows on the monitor to activate.