TOMLOV DM402 Pro 2K Digital Microscope 1200x, 10.1 inch IPS

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For Coin Collectors ---Great for looking at coins both in great detail and entirety.

As an absolute “must” for any coin collector, Tomlov DM402 Pro is perfect for examining coins for quality and errors.

For Adults --- Good for very close up inspection work,Works well for SMD soldering work

No longer have to hunch over desk in order to see through the eyepiece, ,the microscope for adults is good for doing circuit board soldering repairs/testing/fault finding,it is and excellent microscope for SMD soldering and micro-electronic repair.

For Kids --- a great gift to a child who may be interested in sciences.

Designed for Kid, Students and Hobbyists to understand science and nature,

allowing them to peek into the microscopic world to inspire curiosity, encourage discovery, empower imagination, and allow for creativity.

How you can benifit from TOMLOV DM402 Pro 2K Digital Microscope ?

Set up with ease-No more searching for outlets and no professional installation required – everything you need to get started is in the box.