TOMLOV DM601 Triple Lens HDMI Digital Microscope 7 inch

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Surprise you with the ultimate visual experience

Tomlov DM601 HDMI digital microscope boasts more incredibly 2K ultra clear video and captures 24MP vibrant color still images than the 1080P/12MP on the market.
64GB Fast Read Write Speed Flash Memory Card Included-supports high-resolution photos taking and 2K videos recording.

Delivers extroditionary image from 178° viewing angle

Wide viewing angles: IPS displays have a wide viewing angle of up to 178 degrees, ensuring that image quality and color remain consistent no matter what angle you view it from.
Accurate colors: IDM601 have high color accuracy and can reproduce true-to-life colors and color details, making it ideal for color-critical tasks such as design and image processing.
High contrast: DM601 can provide high-contrast images, with black and white colors appearing very sharp, making image details more clear.

How you can benifit from Tomlov DM601 triple lens digital microscope ?

Explore the Microscopic World : Discover a new world with our 1500x digital microscope.

Easy to Use : Our microscope is easy to set up and comes with software for capturing photos and videos.

High-Quality Imaging: DM601 features a high-quality image sensor and LED lights for clear, detailed imaging.

Create a world of scientific discovery for kids and adults

Easy to Use, Fun to Learn: Our microscope is so easy to use, even kids can get in on the fun. Just plug it in and start exploring!

Zoom into the Micro World: With Tomlov microscope, you can explore the amazing world of tiny things up close and personal. Get ready to discover a whole new universe!