TOMLOV TM4K 10" Flex Arm Digital Microscope 2000x, Spin Arm Soldering Microscope for Electronics Repair

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*Could take a picture of a whole 1 dollar silver coin and still be able to zoom in to get pictures of close up.

【The First 4K Digital Microscope of TOMLOV】 Elevate your microscopy experience with the TOMLOV TM4K Max Digital Microscope, offering a revolutionary upgrade to 4K UHD video (3840x2160P at 30fps) and ultra-clear 52MP (9600x5400P) color still images. Immerse yourself in the micro-world with unparalleled clarity and precision, setting a new standard for detailed exploration.

【360° Spin Arm Digital Microscope】TOMLOV TM4K Max soldering microscope redefines versatility,eyond vertical adjustment, it seamlessly adapts horizontally and rotates 360° for unmatched precision. The extended 13-inch pillar provides technicians with ample working height and space, while the accompanying 3.5-inch fine-tuning stand ensures effortless and precise repair work. Elevate your craftsmanship with a stand designed for flexibility and accuracy like never before.

【Sony Sensor Coin Microscope】 Featuring a premium Sony sensor, TOMLOV digital microscope delivering unparalleled image clarity and precision. Experience vivid and lifelike colors when examining coins, and achieve unparalleled sharpness for precision in repair tasks. Elevate your work with a level of detail that sets TOMLOV soldering microscope apart.

【10.1" UHD Digital Microscope】The 10.1" 4K coin microscope boasts a superior 1280 x 800P IPS screen with a wide color gamut, offering a larger and clearer view, Boasting 100% SRGB, 99% RGB, 400 HDR, and 99% NTSC, it allows you to explore the micro-world with unparalleled color accuracy and detail,Immerse yourself in the micro-world like never before with this soldering microscope for adults.

【Illuminate Ring Light Soldering Microscope】TOMLOV TM4K Max LCD Digital Microscope features a brilliant ring light that ensures exceptional brightness and uniform illumination, bringing every intricate detail to life. With a larger lighting area and heightened brightness, you can observe even the tiniest details with crystal-clear precision

【Digital Microscope with Thumbnail】TOMLOV TM4K Max Coin microscope with Thumbnail feature allows you experience 4x digital magnification for sharper details and utilize the locate function to precisely identify and navigate the zoomed area, letting you know exactly where you are zooming for a more detailed exploration.

【 Tri-Screen Real-time Display Microscope】TOMLOV Soldering Microscope 2000X features a Tri-Screen Real-time Display, delivering simultaneous HDMI/USB output. Immerse yourself in a larger, more detailed view with the convenience of real-time monitoring on three screens,

【 2000x Zoom Coin Microscope for Error Coins】Experience the TOMLOV TM4K Max Full View Coin Microscope with 2000x Zoom. Effortlessly zoom in and focus with a magnification range from 2X to 2000X, all within a fully-lighted view. Adjust the holder's height and rotate the knob on the 8-inch screen HDMI digital microscope to explore the tiniest details. Begin your journey into the micro-world now!

【Large Base for Digital Microscope 4K】Elevate your soldering experience with the HDMI digital soldering microscope with screen, boasting a spacious 15'' * 9.8'' base for expanded working area. Explore new heights in precision and convenience.

【64GB & Controller HDMI Microscope】 With a 64GB micro SD card, this TOMLOV video microscope ensures easy recording, storage, and transfer of high-quality footage. The upgraded smart control allows seamless picture capture, video recording, and zooming without touching the HDMI display, providing added convenience and a stable view.

Meet TOMLOV TM4K Max--The First 4K Digital Microscope of TOMLOV!

TOMLOV 4K Coin Microscope with Sony IMX Sensor - Where Every Detail Matters!

52MP Picture Perfect, 4K Video Excellence - TOMLOV TM4K Digital Microscope 2000x With Screen!

Tilt, Swivel, Rotate & Customize

Effortlessly adjust viewing angles with tilt, swivel, rotation, and angle changes on demand!

See the Unseen with TOMLOV's Real-Time Insight- Soldering Microscope for Adults!

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